1e. The Gooner! - 3 remaining 2019/20 issues subscription UK


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The Gooner! 3 remaining 2019/20 season issues UK subscription

The remaining three issues of the 2019/20 season (from number 281 through to 283) delivered to you post free.
You can pay with any of the following methods…

OPTION 1 - Right here through the online store!

OPTION 2 - By post – Send a cheque for £15 (£21 for addresses outside of the UK) for a 2019/20 season subscription (5 remaining issues) made payable to ‘The Gooner’ to this address –
The Gooner, 12 Buxton Court, Hanbury Drive, London E11 1GB

OPTION 3 - Via online bank transfer, making a payment of £15 (or £21 for addresses outside of the UK) to –
Acc. name: The Gooner Sort Code: 20-76-90 Acc. No: 03004112
Use the reference 1920 followed by your surname (e.g. 1920Smith). VERY IMPORTANT – please follow up the payment with an email to thegoonerfanzine@btinternet.com stating your name and address, and the reference that you used for payment (e.g. 1920Smith). Otherwise, we will not be able to match the payment to you. If you require IBAN and BIC codes for an international payment, please email us at thegoonerfanzine@btinternet.com

OPTION 4 - You can also simply make a direct PayPal payment to the email address thegoonerfanzine@btinternet.com for £15 (or £21 if outside UK). If doing this, please make your payment a ‘friends and family’ / personal payment – this helps keep our costs down. VERY IMPORTANT - If you do pay this way, please follow up with an email to thegoonerfanzine@btinternet.com informing us you have made a direct payment, because PayPal does not give us your address if you pay this way.