Privacy Notice

Personal Details

We do not and will not disclose any customer details to any third parties. All information gained is used to fulfill customers orders in the most efficient way only. Passwords are stored using a one-way hash and therefore cannot be disclosed in orignal plain-text or otherwise de-crypted by Online Gooner Store nor any 3rd party.


All credit card details are securely encrypted and handled by a 3rd party credit card processing company (PayPal). Online Gooner Store is not able to see or otherwise read or store any finacial payment details your credit card details. Further, Online Gooner Store does not have access to your personal information in relation to any payment methods offered.


Online Gooner Store uses cookies - small files that are placed on your computer hard drive by a website to keep track on the choices you make. Cookies allow the items in your shopping basket to be remembered on your next visit if you do not complete a purchase, as well as preferences you may set on our website. You have the right to accept or reject our cookie. If you reject our cookie some of the functions and features may not be available to you.